09th June 2017

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In modern retail, we risk losing sight of the individual – along with their incredible complexities and capabilities – in a sea of data and facts. It’s time we put people back in the spotlight. We are convinced a powerful shift is on the horizon: The Age of the Customer.

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With eCommerce progressing so quickly, it’s important we focus and place the customer at the centre of everything we do. Customer-centric thinking and retail must be an integral part of every process – supported by technology that is prepared to meet the needs of every individual.

Every person

In the Age of the Customer, modern technologies bridge the gap between companies and human needs. We’re glancing into the future of eCommerce and asking critical questions: What does the Shopware Community expect in the coming years and which roles will be played by the human being?


Together with eCommerce enthusiasts from across Europe, we’ll lay the foundation for the new Age of the Customer at the Shopware Community Day 2017. Look forward to exciting personalities from every walk of expertise and prepare yourself for the future of customer-centric retail.









Get inspired

Stefan Hamann

CEO & founder / Shopware

Gelong Thubten

Tibetan Buddhist Monk

Luana Theodoro da Silva

Instagram Star und Influencer

Christian Lindner

Federal Chairman of the FDP

Christian Lindemann

Cirque du Soleil® Pickpocket King

Frank Puscher

Personal Digital Trainer

And many more
memorable speakers

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Learn from the best

Whether dealer, designer or developer – the Age of the Customer impacts everyone in one way or another. Prepare for the new age of customer empowerment and experience exciting lectures from eCommerce thought leaders at the SCD.

For dealers

  • Exclusive keynote
  • Customer-centric approaches and concepts
  • Specialised presentations
  • After-show-party with networking

For Developers

  • Interesting sessions and lectures
  • Leading tech-professionals
  • Presentation of creative concepts
  • Visionary and trendsetting technologies


Get connected

Effective customer-centric thinking starts with a healthy cooperation between dealers and technology providers. At the legendary Community Day after-party, you can look forward to snacks, drinks and networking in an inspiring atmosphere.

Experience the exciting fusion of the digital and physical worlds in one legendary evening!

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