SCD Explore

Discover our new virtual event series, SCD Explore. The first edition of this series is all about B2B commerce. You can look forward to information and inspiration: In compact talks, experts from diverse areas supply you with valuable key learnings and exciting insights.

We 💙 our partners

We are enourmously grateful for our partners who stand by us during this time.

What is the SCD Explore?

The digital SCD was a a great success, which is why we created the event series spin-off, SCD Explore. Unlike our annual SCD, our SCD Explore events will take place at irregular intervals. Moreover, the SCD Explore will be fully virtual, from the talks to the Q&A and the networking. Each event will focus on a specific ecommerce topic. So, look forward to gaining profound knowledge at the upcoming SCD Explore events.

Just like its big brother, the SCD Explore is made for everyone who loves ecommerce and who never stands still. Become part of our community and get free access now.

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