Who is the Shopware Community Day for?

The Shopware Community Day is for everyone who loves ecommerce. The mindshifters that are never standing still. Whether corporate, startup or developer – joining the community is more than worthwhile!

Shopware Community Day – Corporates


Our digital Shopware Community Day attracts a diverse range of ecommerce businesses from all across Europe and worldwide – regardless of industry and size. The event stimulates an invigorating exchange between like-minded people, quenches your thirst for knowledge, and allows for innovative ideas to flourish.

Shopware Community Day – Startups


You're new to the industry, want to take off fast and grow quickly? The Shopware Community Day is ideal for newcomers. Here you can get new input, build strong connections, and lay the foundations for your success.


The Shopware Community Day offers developers plenty of food for thought – directly from the source. Our developers will bring you up close to the inner workings of Shopware 6. You can follow panel discussions and find out from experts what’s trending in the Shopware universe.

Got questions or fancy a chat? No problem! Our devs as well as countless other developers from the community will be available within the integrated SCD chat.

Partners and Service Providers

Whether you’re a consultant, an agency partner or a freelancer – the digital Shopware Community Day is exactly where you need to be. You can network with like-minded people and benefit from the huge Shopware Community.


You want to report about one of the most spectacular ecommerce events? Simply get in touch with our PR team!