Get an overview of the Landscape Park (Landschaftspark) and the various locations at the Shopware Community Day.

Main Area

(Power plant)

Developer Area

(Blower House Complex)

Street Food Park

Foods & Drinks

  1. Mr. Singh

    Indian curries

  2. Mounties

    Pulled meat sandwiches

  3. Mounties

    Poutines & burger

  4. Emily

    Fusion bowls

  5. Doggylicious

    Premium hot dogs

  6. Madame Tarte

    Tarte flambée

  7. Maison Touareg

    Touareg rolls

  8. Drinks & Coffee
  9. Burrico


  10. Third Culture Kitchen

    Grilled sandwiches

  11. Drinks
  12. Adobo Food

    Filipino cuisine

  13. Che Vegan

    Vegan burger

  14. Bambule & Con Carne

    Chili from all over the world