Recap 2019


Get an overview of the Landscape Park (Landschaftspark) and the various locations at the Shopware Community Day.

Main Area

(Power plant)

Developer Area

(Blower House Complex)

Street Food Park

Foods & Drinks

  1. Mr. Singh

    Indian curries

  2. Mounties

    Pulled meat sandwiches

  3. Mounties

    Poutines & burger

  4. Emily

    Fusion bowls

  5. Doggylicious

    Premium hot dogs

  6. Madame Tarte

    Tarte flambée

  7. Maison Touareg

    Touareg rolls

  8. Drinks & Coffee
  9. Burrico


  10. Third Culture Kitchen

    Grilled sandwiches

  11. Drinks
  12. Adobo Food

    Filipino cuisine

  13. Che Vegan

    Vegan burger

  14. Bambule & Con Carne

    Chili from all over the world