Recap 2019

Timetable at a glance

Here you find a complete overview of all SCD 2019 slots.

For the first time in SCD history, Shopware will be giving two parallel keynotes:

For all developers and technology enthusiasts, the technical keynote from Daniel Nögel, Product Manager Shopware, starts at 10:00 a.m. on the Technology Stage of the Blower House Complex (Gebläsehallenkomplex).
The visionary keynote from Sebastian Hamann, Co-founder of Shopware, will start at the same time on the Inspiration Stage in the Power Plant (Kraftzentrale).

For our international guests: all slots held in German are simultaneously translated into English. Upon arrival, you can pick up your head set at the help desk with a small deposit.
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Keynote: Your Freedom to Grow (GER)
Sebastian Hamann (Shopware)

Keynote: Your Freedom to Grow (GER)

Sebastian Hamann, Co-Founder & CEO (Shopware)

We are writing in the year 2019. In a world where connectivity and technology are advancing so rapidly, it’s imperative the needs of people remain the centre of all considerations. eCommerce must take place where people are – anytime, anywhere, and not the other way around. In his keynote, Sebastian Hamann answers questions of what moves people and what solutions Shopware provides for your ongoing growth. Join us for the opening keynote get excited to see what Shopware has already packed for your journey into the eCommerce of the future.

Somehow the future starts sometime, somewhere! (GER)
Stefan Zessel (Shopware)
Philipp Scharlau (Shopware)

Somehow the future starts sometime, somewhere! (GER)

Stefan Zessel, Director Sales (Shopware)
Philipp Scharlau, Manager Sales (Shopware)

Well, how? When? Where? Knowledge is power!
What do you know about digitalisation, microservices and disruption?

Friends of investigative journalism and veterans of the Shopware sales team, Philipp Scharlau and Stefan Zessel will reveal – in their characteristic entertaining fashion – which stimuli are used in the technology industry to manipulate online shop operators.

As a perceived "Fourth Power", the two expose scandalous truths, show how sustainable it is to focus on real needs, and finally provide insight into the modern product development of technology companies.

From farmer to plate – eCommerce benefits every area of business (ENG)
Heather Mills (VBites)

From farmer to plate – eCommerce benefits every area of business (ENG)

Heather Mills, Founder (VBites)

I believe that the future of e-commerce can benefit every area of business, from the farmer to the plate. The biggest current dilemma is that the farmer is dependent on billions of taxpayer euros in subsidies. If we can create a level playing field, we can save the taxpayer billions and billions of euros by insisting that the farmer makes at least a 30% margin on his production by creating plant-based food. The manufacturer can then accelerate the process with a similar margin which will work efficiently online in e-commerce. In addition, working with distribution that can deliver from the factory to the door of the consumer, through local marketing systems which benefit the local and often remote community.

The AI Consumer: Silicone & Soul (ENG)
Ken Hughes (Glacier Consulting)

The AI Consumer: Silicone & Soul (ENG)

Ken Hughes, Consumer & Shopper Behaviouralist (Glacier Consulting)

eCommerce has been driven by several step-changes. At every step-change there is an increase in eCommerce potential, revenue and consumer confidence. Artificial Intelligence is the next significant consumerist game-changer. As consumers, we are already living our life guided by the influence of everyday silicone, algorithms and machine learning. It is all around us – Netflix tells you what you should watch, Facebook who to be friends with, LinkedIn where to work, Tinder who to love, Amazon what to buy next.

In this speech we will explore where consumers are in relation to AI, where all this is heading for shopper behaviour, society at large, and what the implications are for anyone in business. What happens when the machines take over? Get ready for eCommerce AI.

The customer in a state of bliss: We research happiness. (GER)
Johannes Altmann (Shoplupe)

The customer in a state of bliss: We research happiness. (GER)

Johannes Altmann, Customer Experience Thinker & CEO (Shoplupe)

Customer satisfaction is a multifaceted consideration: your UX design is on-point, but customers aren’t buying anymore; customers are leaving positive reviews, but aren’t making repeated purchases; conversion rate is an important indicator, but not the ultimate formula for success. To understand what truly makes customers happy and identify the key factors in successful online shops, Shoplupe and Shopware are researching the happiness formula in eCommerce in the joint eHappinessLab. Here Johannes Altmann explains how this works and how online retailers can benefit from this research.

Live your dream and grow beyond yourself! (GER)
Judith Williams

Live your dream and grow beyond yourself! (GER)

Judith Williams, TV personality and business woman

Some dreams change, some accompany you throughout your life. Dreams are as varied and individual as life itself. Everyone has their own personal dream which can become a reality. All of us together make life easier, more beautiful and more exciting. Entirely without pressure. Make yourself comfortable and let's start dreaming!

Shopware Partner Awards 2019 (ENG)
Stefan Heyne (Shopware)

Shopware Partner Awards 2019 (ENG)

Stefan Heyne, CEO (Shopware)

For the first time, the Shopware Partner Awards will be presented on the main Inspiration Stage as part of the SCD. Next to the 5 awards for individual Shopware focus markets, an award for the best global newcomer agency will be presented.

Shopware's partner network consists of 1,200 partners worldwide. Special value is placed on quality in the network, especially as it benefits all merchants who implement their eCommerce projects together with Shopware and an agency. This should make the award ceremony an exciting event not only for partners, but also for retailers.

On average 69% cart abandonment – what to do? (GER)
Martin Meinert (Amazon Pay)

On average 69% cart abandonment – what to do? (GER)

Martin Meinert, Head of Partnerships (Amazon Pay)

Improve your checkout and increase sales with a few checkout optimizations - action-oriented. In this talk, we'll show how ecommerce sites can increase their conversion rate by up to 35% through better checkout design alone.

Shopware 6 and Springlane - visionary eCommerce of the future! (GER)
Niklaas Leniger (Shopware)
Joachim Franz-Höfle (Springlane)
Cynthia Mattingly (Springlane)

Shopware 6 and Springlane - visionary eCommerce of the future! (GER)

Niklaas Leniger, Key Account Manager (Shopware)
Joachim Franz-Höfle, Director Data Intelligence & Systems (Springlane)
Cynthia Mattingly, Lead Developer (Springlane)

Niklaas Leniger, Key Account Manager at Shopware, gives you exciting project insights in a joint presentation with Enterprise customer Springlane. A pure play company, Springlane has been selling kitchen products under its own brands since 2012. Following the motto "Your freedom to grow", the diverse possibilities with Shopware will be illustrated using examples from the start-up. In this lecture you will learn how Shopware perfectly marries content & commerce with its CMS functions and which experiences Springlane has already made with the new technological basis of Shopware.

Shopping Experiences - Content management in Shopware 6 (GER)
Aaron Schaarschmidt (Shopware)
Philipp Schuch (Shopware)

Shopping Experiences - Content management in Shopware 6 (GER)

Aaron Schaarschmidt, Manager Product Design (Shopware)
Philipp Schuch, Product Owner (Shopware)

The relationship between content and commerce has become an essential aspect of digital retail. When done right, the two areas work together to create a holistic customer experience - and set off a positive ripple effect on your business.

In this talk, the creative minds behind Shopware’s Shopping Worlds, Philipp Schuch and Aaron Schaarschmidt, delve into their vision of content management and how it can be used to strengthen your digital strategy.

Why Shopware 6 will make you happy. (ENG)
Marvin Luttermann (Shopware)
Vincenzo Pollicino (Shopware)

Why Shopware 6 will make you happy. (ENG)

Marvin Luttermann, Key Account Manager Partner (Shopware)
Vincenzo Pollicino, Key Account Manager (Shopware)

3 pillars for your business success. In today’s world there are mainly three megatrends shaping the success of eCommerce. We would like to take you further down the journey from a high-level approach to how these trends can be implemented to create engaging shopping experiences for your customers. This presentation is suited for eCommerce managers as well as anyone interested in Shopware 6 and how it can be implemented for maximum happiness.

Let there be (Paulmann) light - with Shopware 6 (GER)
Tim Schwarz (Neofonie)
Sabine Bernsee (Paulmann)

Let there be (Paulmann) light - with Shopware 6 (GER)

Tim Schwarz, Partner Manager (Neofonie)
Sabine Bernsee, Head of B2C E-Commerce (Paulmann)

Paulmann Licht is one of the leading manufacturers in the lighting industry, boasting a full range of over 2,500 fixtures and lighting accessories. Above all, the company stands for high-quality products and outstanding service for its customers and retailers.

But with Amazon and Co., customers’ service and consultation requirements are increasing – and digital touchpoints are becoming more complex. In order to continue to meet customer demands, Paulmann Licht has decided to develop a new technological platform based on Shopware 6 that centralises all customer touchpoints (advice, purchase, returns, etc.).

Sabine Bernsee (Paulmann Licht) and Tim Schwarz (Neofonie) present the new product concept and address the influence of content, UX and Mobile First, along with the technological possibilities of Shopware 6.

Partner for merchants – now for Business Financing as well (GER)
Florian Hinz (PayPal)

Partner for merchants – now for Business Financing as well (GER)

Florian Hinz, Senior Business Development Manager Credit (PayPal)

PayPal has been expanding its offer for small and medium-sized businesses: With PayPal Businesskredit, the company started offering its merchants a financing solution that will help them to further grow their business.

Shopware 5 Love Story (GER)
Moritz Naczenski (Shopware)

Shopware 5 Love Story (GER)

Moritz Naczenski, Community Manager (Shopware)

Shopware 5 - from a success story to a love story: In this presentation Moritz takes you on a journey through the success story of Shopware 5 and shows you how this story has evolved into a unique love story. As with any thrilling narrative, you'll be eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story. So what comes next? Be there when Moritz shares the latest Shopware 5 news with you. To be continued...

The new Shopware 6 - AI live on stage (GER)
Daniel Höhnke (Pixup Media)

The new Shopware 6 - AI live on stage (GER)

Daniel Höhnke, CEO & thought leader (Pixup Media)

Artificial intelligence is changing eCommerce like hardly any other technology before. Brands and retailers who understand how to leverage AI will gain significant competitive advantages. Daniel Höhnke will not show you some examples applications of artificial intelligence with PowerPoint slides, rather he will demonstrate the technology live on stage. Product tinder, image recognition, chatbots, voice interactions and much more are shown live in a new Shopware 6 environment.

Shopware 6 - Birth of a new ecosystem (GER)
Tobias Pierschel (Net Inventors)

Shopware 6 - Birth of a new ecosystem (GER)

Tobias Pierschel, Founder & CEO (Net Inventors)

With around 60 plugins to their name, Net Inventors is one of the leading Shopware plugin manufacturers. Their daily work with Shopware and the implementation of online shops provides them with profound knowledge of the requirements that will have to be met with Shopware 6. CEO Tobias Pierschel talks about the challenges and potentials of plugin development with the new Shopware ecosystem and shares insight into the further development of existing plugins.

Shopware 6 – mind the gap (GER)
Tim Rymarczyk (Shopware)
Udo Harwardt (Shopware)

Shopware 6 – mind the gap (GER)

Tim Rymarczyk, Key Account Manager (Shopware)
Udo Harwardt, Key Account Manager Partner (Shopware)

Between today and the future lies a gap – and Shopware Key Account Managers Udo Harwardt and Tim Rymarczyk will show you the intermediate steps between where we are and where we are going. Those who know the points and distances on the roadmap can carefully plan their steps and arrive safely at their destination. In this talk, you can look forward gathering an exciting outlook on the upcoming features of Shopware 6 and which functions you can expect in which editions.

Technical Keynote: About toothbrushes and software architecture (ENG)
Daniel Nögel (Shopware)

Technical Keynote: About toothbrushes and software architecture (ENG)

Daniel Nögel, Product Manager Enterprise (Shopware)

From a technical point of view, eCommerce is more exciting than ever. As the market changed, the focus has shifted beyond simply offering goods for sale online.

In areas such as search, recommendation, machine learning, business intelligence or personalisation, technologies that were once reserved for a very small group of shops are now widespread.

The big questions on everyone’s mind: Where are these technologies going and how do they offer customers true added value? And above all: What does an eCommerce system have to look like in order not to hinder, but stimulate the creative use of new technologies?

You can find out what all of this has to do with toothbrushes in the technical keynote!

Insight into the Shopware 6 core architecture (ENG)
Jan Bücker (Shopware)
Jonas Elfering (Shopware)

Insight into the Shopware 6 core architecture (ENG)

Jan Bücker, Developer Core (Shopware)
Jonas Elfering, Developer (Shopware)

With Shopware 6, the architecture was rethought from scratch and adapted to today's eCommerce.

In this session, Jan Bücker and Jonas Elfering will give you a deeper insight into the PHP-side architecture and functionality. All important and interesting sections from Context to the Data Abstraction Layer are introduced to you step by step, so that you are prepared to get started with Shopware 6.

Introduction to the new administration and storefront (ENG)
Tobias Berge (Shopware)
Christian Rades (Shopware)

Introduction to the new administration and storefront (ENG)

Tobias Berge, Developer Core (Shopware)
Christian Rades, Developer Core (Shopware)

API-first is the future, but how do you connect it with people?

Our approach is based on modern but proven technologies like Vue, Twig and Sass for the new administration and storefront.

In this session, core developers Tobias Berge and Christian Rades explain everything about SPAs, reactivity and the new themes, all of which work together to make the new user experience available to both customers and shop owners.

The new platform: Plugins & migration (ENG)
Holger-Thomas Kaßner (Shopware)
Michael Telgmann (Shopware)

The new platform: Plugins & migration (ENG)

Holger-Thomas Kaßner, Product Owner (Shopware)
Michael Telgmann, Developer Core (Shopware)

The new platform is at the starting blocks – and of course the opportunity to be one of the first to extend Shopware with plugins.

In this talk, Shopware’s plugin specialists, Holger-Thomas Kaßner & Michael Telgmann, will elaborate on the possibilities of the new plugin system.

In addition, you can look forward to the great unveiling of the newly developed migration assistant and its expansion options, which has been designed specifically for plugin manufacturers.