The Shopware Community Day 2022 is over

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About the SCD

About Shopware Community Day 2022

About the SCD

Want to know what makes the Shopware Community Day so distinctive?

Let's start at the early beginnings. We have to go back, way back. Back to 2011 in fact. Twelve years of annual Shopware Community Days, twelve years! In our digital age, this feels like an eternity. So what exactly started the SCD movement? Why were we one of the first ones to bring an annual ecommerce festival into life?To answer this question simply – because it's inherently in our DNA. Being an open source platform, by definition Shopware is all about the power of community.

About Shopware Community Day 2022 About Shopware Community Day 2022 About Shopware Community Day 2022

The unstoppable force that comes from connecting with like-minded industry leaders, from inspiring and supporting each other, but also from casting a critical eye and not necessarily agreeing on everything – this is how you grow from a small family business to a multi-million global player in digital commerce. This is how you turn your dreams into reality. What started in 2011 as a “small” local trade exhibition with just 400 visitors in our neighboring village Ahaus, has now developed into an internationally renowned, fully hybrid ecommerce event – with some of the most acclaimed speakers worldwide.

About Shopware Community Day 2022 About Shopware Community Day 2022

The Shopware Community Day is getting bigger, stronger and more progressive every year – thanks to you and our dynamic community of digital commerce specialists. After two fully digital Shopware Community Days we're thrilled to welcome you back on location this year at the striking Tobit Campus in Ahaus, Germany. Yes, we’re going back to the roots! The Tobit Campus was the SCD home from the very early beginnings and for many subsequent years.

We rise by lifting others! The Shopware community on the SCD


Whether you’re new to digital commerce or have been growing your business for years, no matter what industry and market sector you’re serving, join thousands of digital commerce innovators worldwide who are taking their business operations to the next level with Shopware’s open commerce platform. Get to know the highly progressive Shopware community and find out how forward-thinking CEO’s are leading the way.


Meet our developer community! These are the people who are actively shaping and designing the future of digital commerce. Without our global community of proficient developers, Shopware would not be what it is today. With direct access to our rapidly expanding customer base, developers can offer their extensions in the Shopware Store or work in close cooperation with Shopware merchants side by side.


Shopware’s expert partner agencies help our customers realize even the most ambitious business ideas and turn dreams into reality – fast! Our partner agencies benefit from hands-on support by Shopware with professional onboarding and technical advice. Whether you’re managing a digital commerce agency yourself or are looking for specialist advice for your business, join the conversation at the Shopware Community Day!

Tech partners

Thanks to Shopware’s outstanding network of tech partners, our merchants can customize and optimize their business operations at the highest level with countless extensions in the Shopware Store. In addition, our recommended hosting providers help Shopware customers strengthen their online presence and store performance. Meet our tech partners at the SCD and find out what’s coming next!