Shopware Community Day 2022

What happens when e-commerce experts and leading executives come together to look into the future of digital commerce, network, and share insider knowledge? Inspiration, innovation, and accelerated growth – this is what happens. Step into our world and watch the highlights from previous Shopware Community Days.

SCD 2022

As the biggest hybrid event for the international ecommerce community, we were more connected than ever. Whether you were soaking up the SCD feeling live and in person at the Tobit Campus in Ahaus, or were joining us online from anywhere in the world – the SCD 2022 was the place-to-be to exchange ideas and inspire each other.

recap-2022-scd-01 recap-2022-scd-03
6.000+ participants
40+ speakers
30+ sessions
3 live stages

SCD 2021

A legendary SCD with legendary keynotes is behind us – for the second time completely digital. With over 5000 participants this was the biggest SCD ever! On a total of three stages, more than 70 lectures and educational masterclasses provided plenty of inspiration. Highlights of the event were international top-level speakers such as Steve Wozniak and Gary Vaynerchuk, as well as the upcoming Shopware features the Flow Builder and Guided Shopping. Thanks to each and every one of you who made the SCD 2021 unforgettable!

scd-recap-2021-image-1 scd-recap-2021-image-2

I put the live stream on one screen, the source code on another screen and the community chat on the third screen, so I can see Shopware while I am programming and chatting with Shopware.

Timo Helmke
3.800+ participants
90+ speakers
70+ sessions
3 live stages

SCD 2020

This year we look back on a very special SCD. Not only was this the 10th Shopware Community Day on the company's 20th anniversary, but also the first SCD to take place in a completely digital setting. We had two days of inspiring and informative programs for the community, with the first day being dedicated entirely to retailers and the second to developers. More than 3000 participants proved how flexible, future-oriented and agile our community is - despite the pandemic!

scd-recap-2020-image-1-2x scd-recap-2020-image-3

Congratulations to the entire Shopware team around Stefan Hamann and Sebastian Hamann on 20 years of successful and committed business in #eCommerce and on an excellent first part of the #SCD20 in digital form. We will definitely stay tuned as a #Shopware partner.

3,000+ participants
2 days

SCD 2019

An unforgettable Shopware Community Day lies behind us. This year, a staggering 2500 visitors accepted our invitation to network with over 50 exhibitors and listen to 40 keynotes. The highlight of the day was the surprising announcement of Shopware 6. The event was celebrated by the community during the legendary afterparty – the performance of singer Cascada being a highlight. We thank you for a day full of inspiration, ideas, and many stimulating conversations!

scd-recap-2019-image-1-2x scd-recap-2019-image-3

The Shopware Community Day is easily one of the ecommerce industry highlights of the year. Shopware has built a unique community around its platform with the entire partner ecosystem motivated toward a common goal; success!

Robert Gibson, Commercial Manager Global Partnerships, Klarna UK
Cascada Special Act
2.500 visitors
14 food trucks

SCD 2018

Themed "Beyond Horizon" the SCD 2018 took place at the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord for the first time. More than 2000 ecommerce enthusiasts joined us to look into the future of digital commerce. The highlight of the day was the Shopware 5.5 release and the new platform Playground, with allows retailers and developers to experiment. After a day full of inspiring and informative keynotes on four different stages, an extraordinary afterparty made the event complete.

scd-recap-2018-image-1-2x scd-recap-2018-image-3

Very impressed with #SCD18 and @shopware company. Extremely friendly, open, honest, approachable & always looking at how they can help their partners & clients. Superb discussions, learning a lot from partners & clients. Great presentations about the future of #Ecommerce.

Yair Spitzer, CEO Inviqa
2,000+ visitors
10,500 m2 event locations
Oli P. Surprise Act

SCD 2017

"Hello human!" was the topic for the Shopware Community Day 2017 – for a reason, because there has never been a Shopware release so close to the people as the new version 5.3. Together with more than 1600 ecommerce enthusiasts, over 40 exhibitors, and 50 inspiring speakers, we marked the beginning of a new customer era. Of course, we celebrated the event and were networking with the entire community until late in the night. Great connections have been established and we grew even stronger together. We say?

scd-recap-2017-image-1-2x scd-recap-2017-image-3

The SCD was a wonderful opportunity to get an overview of both your company and software. It was a great reflection of your excellence as a company and I was glad to be a part of the experience.

Gary Power, Megazyme
1.600+ visitors
50 exhibitors
50+ speakers

SCD 2016

At this year’s Shopware Community Day we took over 1600 excited visitors on a journey to discover the "unexplored digital ocean" with the motto "Digital Blue". In the context of this theme, Stefan Hamann announced that Shopware will no longer be encrypting the product in the upcoming version 5.2 so that every line of code can be viewed soon. The legendary afterparty rounded off another groundbreaking event for the community.

scd-recap-2016-image-1-2x scd-recap-2016-image-3

Shopware is known for breaking new ground and cleverly integrating market developments and trends into its products. The changes introduced today carry a clear message for retailers and shop operators to focus on brand and market positioning.

1,600 visitors
50 exhibitors
60 sessions

SCD 2015

In order to unite the entire Shopware universe, this year's SCD took place on one day instead of two days. The vibrant audience, consisting of 1500 visitors and over 40 exhibitors, experienced the unique day true to the motto "circus ecommerce". But it wasn't just the fire artists that created excitement in the audience, but also the new Shopware 5.1 and the transformation of bepado into Shopware Connect. We celebrated the successful day along with our community at the infamous SCD afterparty.

scd-recap-2015-image-1-2x scd-recap-2015-image-3

In contrast to other events, Community Day stood out for its enormous variety and quality of presentations.

Mark Steier, Wortfilter.de
1,500 visitors
50 exhibitors
1 coffin

SCD 2014

In 2014 over 1500 guests and around 50 exhibitors accepted the invitation to the Shopware Community Day in Ahaus and the Shopware Developer Day on the following day. We're thankful for two unforgettable days with the community! In 2014 we were able to bury the bepado beta version - as bepado 1.0 is finally here! As always, the Shopware Community Day was celebrated until the early hours with an incredible afterparty and plenty of networking opportunities!

scd-recap-2014-image-1-2x scd-recap-2014-image-3

Community Days 2014 - absolutely brilliant event with a fascinating keynote! Shopware has booked the perfect weather again this year. Only 363 days to go until next time.

Pedro Klemt, Paper Markt
1,500 visitors
50 exhibitors

SCD 2013

This was an unforgettable Shopware Community Day including the first Shopware Developer Conference. The two-day event attracted a total of 1300 ecommerce enthusiasts and around 50 exhibitors to the Tobit Atrium in Ahaus. The unquestioned highlight of the day was Darth Vader and Shopman, who introduced the new Shopware marketplace bepado. The successful day was celebrated with a legendary afterparty.

scd-recap-2013-image-1-2x scd-recap-2013-image-3

This year's keynote at the Shopware Community Day 2013 was magnificent! More than one thousand visitors found their way to Ahaus, to 'Hobbitland' today. With the bepado platform, Shopware is launching the next 'Big Thing'.

2 days

SCD 2012

The theme of the Shopware Community Day 2012 was "Back to the Future" - we even had the DeLorean onsite in Ahaus! With a total of 900 visitors and 27 exhibitors, the SCD 2012 was more than twice as big as last year - the community is growing rapidly! The highlight of the day was the impressive keynote on Shopware 4. Together we celebrated the end of the event in style at the Dive! nightclub.

scd-recap-2012-image-1-2x scd-recap-2012-image-3

The Shopware Community Day was a real top event. Shopware has outdone itself once again compared to last year. We are all more than satisfied and were also able to make valuable new contacts.

Sven Sigurdsson, Klarna
900 visitors
27 exhibitors
1 DeLorean

SCD 2011

The first Shopware Community Day with over 400 visitors joining us in Ahaus was a great success. We say thank you to the fantastic ecommerce community! The highlight of the day was the new Shopware Connect, which enables the linking of shop systems. The exciting day was made complete by an informal community dinner followed by a fantastic afterparty and plenty of networking opportunities.

scd-recap-2011-image-1-2x scd-recap-2011-image-3

The most spectacular news for e-commerce this week comes from Ahaus in Westphalia. There, Shopware held the first Shopware Community Day yesterday under the motto "The future of e-commerce"

Exciting Commerce
400 participants
14 exhibitors
10 speakers