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Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Extraordinary visions need the right framework to grow. In keeping true with the Beyond Horizon theme, we have planned for this year's Community Day to go beyond the brink of previous events. The new location at the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord allows us to welcome an even larger part of the community for what will become the largest Shopware Community Day of all time.

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Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord


Street Food Park
Main location
Aftershow Party

Floor plan

The collective knowledge of 2,500 participants on a 6,000 square meter event space, where about 40 speakers on 5 stages come together to expand horizons with over 24 hours of lecture time. Snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day in the catering area and Street Food Park powered by Klarna.


For our international guests: All German slots feature a live translation into English. Headsets are available at the help desk at the entrance of the event.

Main Stage

Next to the opening keynote by Stefan Hamann, here you can look forward to experiencing a multitude of top international speakers with extraordinary topics to share.

Growth Stage

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at exciting projects from the industry, this is the place to be. Here you will gather fascinating background information from complex enterprise projects, the B2B universe and much more.

Experience Stage

This stage is reserved for speakers with informative lectures on topics such as brand awareness, design, usability, user experience and much more.

Solutions Stage

A stage that delves into the future, where visionary topics such as voice commerce, artificial intelligence, smart chatbots and more await you.

Technology Stage

From developers for developers - here everything revolves around the latest technologies, approaches and technical developments.

Networking Area

At the SCD 2018, you have the ideal environment to meet with new and old business contacts in the gallery of the Kraftzentrale (power station).

Street Food Park

Directly opposite the main hall, you can grab a bite to eat throughout the day in our Street Food Park. Look forward to culinary classics as well as a few surprises.



  1. PayPal Pte Limited
  2. ERGO Direkt Versicherungen
  3. easyCredit TeamBank AG Nürnberg
  4. DHL Paket GmbH
  5. Amazon Payments Europe - S.C.A.
  6. Pickware (VIISON GmbH)

Networking Area

  1. shopware AG


  1. WaWision GmbH
  2. Photo booth
  3. KLARNA GmbH
  4. superReal GmbH
  5. cateno GmbH & Co. KG
  6. Timme Hosting GmbH & Co. KG
  7. IANEO Solutions GmbH
  8. Goltfisch GmbH (8mylez)
  9. Protected Shops GmbH
  10. Mittwald CM Service GmbH & Co KG
  11. idealo internet GmbH
  12. heidelpay GmbH
  13. real,- Digital Payment & Technology Services GmbH
  14. plentymarkets GmbH
  15. SoftENGINE GmbH
  16. Media partners
  17. Portaltech Reply GmbH
  18. elio GmbH
  1. Hermes Germany GmbH
  2. Profihost AG
  3. designverign GmbH
  4. SysEleven GmbH
  5. SysEleven GmbH
  6. best it GmbH & Co. KG
  7. Media partners
  8. Blauband GmbH
  9. web-netz GmbH
  10. Computop GmbH
  11. Magnalister (RedGecko GmbH)
  13. Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions GmbH
  14. Photo booth
  15. synaigy
  16. Apptus Technologies AB
  17. dotmailer Ltd.
  18. Händlerbund Management AG


Getting there by car

  • Directions:

    In Duisburg, the Emscherstraße exists twice. The Emscherstraße at the Landschaftspark is located in Duisburg-Obermeiderich. Navigation systems show the districts Duisburg-Meiderich or Duisburg-Hamborn.

  • Low-emission zone:

    Please note that the Landschaftspark is situated in the city of Duisburg’s low-emission zone. Please remember to display the correct green badge on your windscreen. The yellow or red badges are no longer valid. You can purchase a valid badge for your vehicle at multiple authorities (DERKA, GTÜ, TÜV, KÜS).

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by public transport

  • Tram Line 903:

    Duisburg Central Station in direction of Dinslaken
    Tram Stop “Landschaftspark Nord”
    Directions to the park at the tram stop
    (approx. 10 minutes by foot)

  • Bus Lines 906 & 910:

    Bus Stop “Landschaftspark Nord”
    Directions to the park at the bus stop
    (approx. 10 minutes by foot)

  • Night Bus Line NE3:

    Bus Stop “Hüttenwerk”
    Directions to the park at the bus stop
    (approx. 10 minutes by foot)

Information on schedules


Duisburger Taxizentrale: +49 (0) 203 33 33 33